National Weather Service Buffalo, New York

Western New York Weather History




A small tornado caused one thousand dollars damage in the town of Pendleton in Niagara county. 


A tornado touched down in a corn field in Batavia, Genesee county, and moved northeast. The tornado tore the roof off a home and destroyed the attached garage. The roof was carried about a quarter of a mile. As the tornado crossed Route 5, it lifted a delivery van into the air and dropped it onto an oncoming tractor trailer. Both drivers were killed instantly. The tornado continued moving northeast, briefly lifting over a field. At its second touchdown, the tornado uprooted several trees in a circular fashion. It then uprooted several more large trees which fell onto a house. As scattered path of damage continued northeast where additional damage occurred to a house and barn. Telephone poles were also snapped along the damage path.

Another tornado occurred in Angelica, Allegany county. The tornado first touched down and uprooted or snapped a number of large trees. A large annex to a barn disintegrated as the tornado passed by. The debris was scattered downwind across a field. A pickup truck was moved about 75 feet down a road and tossed into a pole. The tornado then crossed a field and uprooted a few large trees that all fell in roughly the same direction. A nearby house sustained significant structural damage and the entire structure was shifted slightly off its foundation. The tornado crossed a field and a stand of large trees. Many of the trees were knocked down in a very "chopped up" pattern.


A cold front brought severe thunderstorms to the region during the afternoon hours. The thunderstorm winds downed trees and power lines and scattered power outages were reported. In Yorkshire , Cattaraugus county, a tree fell on and damaged a garage. Over the Niagara Frontier, the thunderstorms produced hail up to 3/4 inch in diameter in Grand Island and Niagara Falls .